Bisherige wissenschaftliche Publikationen für das aktuelle Jahr


2016-06_NL-5_partie6_picture1Beauchet, O., Blumen, H. M., Callisaya, M. L., De Cock, A.-M., Kressig, R. W., Srikanth, V., … Allali, G. (2016). Times are changing; researchers need to change too. European Journal of Neurology, 23(3), e10.


















Beauchet, O., Annweiler, C., Callisaya, M. L., Cock, A.-M. D., Helbostad, J. L., Kressig, R. W., … Allali, G. (2016). Poor Gait Performance and Prediction of Dementia: Results From a Meta-Analysis. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, 0(0).
















Steinmetz, J.-P. (2016). Physical and cognitive activities have the potential to prevent age-associated deficits. angewandte Forschung, 4, 25–28.

Research findings suggest that physical activity is good for your brain. Given the systematic and thorough investigation over the last 40 to 50 years, it is unquestionable that exercising not only has beneficial and protective effects on physical health (Sofi et al., 2011), but has indeed been found to improve cognitive performances as well (Erickson, Hillman, & Kramer, 2015).

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