Die Realität als Kinésitherapeut


Plötzlich ist man mit einer ungewohnten Situation konfrontiert, die eine fundierte und sensible Anleitung durch das Personal erfordern um den zukünftigen Kollegen ein gutes Wissen zu vermitteln und jeden einzelnen Praktikanten in seinem therapeutischen Individuum fördern und unterstützen.

Die Kinésitherapeuten bei ZithaAktiv und ZithaMobil sehen die Betreuung der LUNEX Praktikanten, ob für den Erhalt des Bachelordiploms oder zum Erhalt des Masters, als eine Bereicherung.

Das ganze Team hatte von Januar-März 2022 eine große Freude mit den beiden Praktikanten, welche ihre ganz eigenen Erfahrungen mit uns teilten:

« I am very satisfied with my internship at ZithaAktiv and ZithaMobil. It allowed me to discover several fields of physical therapy, whether it was musculoskeletal, neurological or cardiorespiratory pathologies. Moreover, I was able to discover the different ways of organizing the management of patients in the office, in the senior center and at home, as well as the different types of patients. Indeed, in the cabinet I was able to work with all types of patients (age) and pathologies, while at home, the patients are older and with similar pathologies such as osteoarthritis, lack of mobility, back pain etc..
It was interesting for me to be able to use the equipment available in the office to propose exercises adapted to the patient. And the opposite at home where it was sometimes more challenging to adapt according to the means at disposal.
Finally, I am very grateful for the welcome I received from the entire physiotherapy team. Indeed, they were very kind and very educational, always being available to answer my questions and explain their working methods. It was very interesting for me to be able to work with each of them and to discover their own techniques and reflections, sometimes different but complementary. I felt very comfortable working and learning with them. They each took their time to teach me sometimes more than I asked and I learned a lot from them.
I really thank them for everything they brought to me, what I could learn, and the desire they gave me to become a good physiotherapist »

« As a student physiotherapist, my experience at Zitha was enriching. The level of knowledge that the team demonstrates and the compassion and humanity that they consistently show was admirable. It all starts with Nadine’s ability to create an environment in which the team can function as individuals and as one unit at the same time. Her communication and passion for the profession trickles down through the whole service. Accompanied by a skilled and caring team of physios that were willing and eager to teach, the placement was a wonderful experience. The coordination among the multitude of healthcare professionals that Zitha offers was second to none. Sincerely something that is rare and is a great example of how teams and people should work together. » Brett

Für das gesamte Team der Zitha ist die Kollaboration mit der LUNEX ein großes Plus; nicht nur die Praktikanten lernen Neues dazu, sondern auch die Therapeuten lernen nie aus und freuen sich gemeinsam mit den Schülern die neuesten Therapiemethoden, welche zur Genesung der Patienten am besten beitragen, zu analysieren und anzuwenden.

Nadine MIROW


Coordinatrice ZithaAktiv